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Turn Paper Into Pencils With The P&P Office Waste Paper Processor

In my pursuit of finding fun and exciting office supplies, I must admit that I have run across some pretty over-the-top and insane items. But as of today, the P&P Office Waste Paper Processor (yeah, we’ll discuss the naming later) officially takes the cake!

When I first read the description after discovering it on Pinterest, I must admit that I didn’t believe it. I thought it was like so many other photos and products on the internet- just another gimmicky photo for a quick laugh. But after doing a quick Google search, I realized that this thing is real! It really does make pencils…just not the way I originally envisioned it.

Recycled Pencil Maker Machine

After doing a little research I learned the P&P Office Waste Paper Processor is no less innovative than I initially thought, but it doesn’t create pencils  totally from scratch (which I must admit would be a little beyond amazing).

How it works is you fill the corresponding compartments with pencil leads (this compartment also doubles as a pencil sharpener) and glue. You then feed a piece of paper into the machine, which is tightly wound around the lead while glue is dispensed to make sure it all adheres tightly. Then, presto! A brand-spanking new pencil is made from the paper you just recycled!

Now you would think such a creative invention would have a name matching its originality. But this is definitely not the case. With a name like Office Waste Paper Processor, pencils definitely aren’t the first things that come to mind.

Furthermore,  it isn’t very practical- nor energy or cost-efficient (both of which are touted as part of its design). You’ll still be using electricity to make the pencils, and you’ll have to purchase leads and glue, as well. Never-the-less, it is a neat item and a definite conversation piece for any office supplies junkie who wants to create personalized pencils right from the comfort of their own desk.

And just in case you can’t get enough of the waste paper recycling phenom, here’s a machine that turns paper shreds into….wait for it….toilet paper. And it only costs $100,000.


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