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If you’re like me then you have much more stuff than space when it comes to your desk, which can be an absolutely maddening struggle at times– especially when you’re busy. Between computers, peripheral devices, papers, pens/pencils, phones, and even cups, the need for more desk space is a daily battle! So when I saw […]

In general, I typically don’t buy very much for myself for Christmas–especially in terms of office supplies. To be honest, it’s not because I’m selfless, but more so because shopping tends to overwhelm me at times, so I reserve all my shopping energy for my daughter, and then everyone else. But this year I actually […]

Kikkerland Paint Tube Pens

by tremaya
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It’s been a while since the dollar bins at Target have lured me in. These days I normally let my daughter run wild with excitement (and my spare change) while I wait, rather impatiently, to peruse the books or music section. But this weekend I was pleasantly surprised when I found these uber cute Kikkerland […]

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Toolbox Pens- A Great Father’s Day Gift!

by tremaya
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These toolbox pens are a great Father’s Day gift! Sold as a set and separately all over the internet, these are great inspiration for Dad to finish up those long forgotten “honey-do” lists.

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