g2 fashion collection

Pilot G2 Fashion Collection & Uniball Vision Elite Design Series

Sometimes I feel slightly foolish for purchasing the same pen again when only the design has been updated- but obviously not enough to stop doing it. And of course, I can always soothe my conscience somewhat by reminding myself that I am a collector.

Recently I purchased both the G2 Fashion Collection and the Uniball Vision Elite Design Series. It goes without saying that I have dozens of these pens in their basic designs, but I must admit that both of these caught my eye for different reasons.

It’s been many months since I originally saw the Vision Elite Design Series pubbed on Uniball’s Facebook page. After seeing it I immediately went out that day to see if I could find them at my local office supply stores and retailers, and sadly to say, none of them had it.  After a few more weeks of looking on various trips, I gave up hope finding them offline. But on a recent trip to Walmart, lo and behold! There they were in all of their glory, staring right back at me.  I quickly snatched up a pack and headed home feeling victorious and lucky.


Uniball Designer Series

I must admit that the Vision Elite’s are not my favorite Uni-Balls. I find their tips to be too broad. I prefer the Vision, 207s, Vision Rollerball, and my all-time favorite, the Vision Exact (all in fine tips). But again, I purchased these because of the look and not so much my preference. As expected, the performance was the usual.

pilot g2 fashion collection


As I’ve mentioned before here, G2’s are my favorite everyday pens. They are gel pens (which are also my favorite ink types), lightweight, affordable, and reliable. So needless to say when I spotted the Fashion Collection at my local Walmart, I of course grabbed them. While I do like the design, I’m more impressed by the metallic look than the floral pattern. I would have been happy to have the flowers left off and just the swirls remaining.

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