The Nest Bookshelf

Few things make me happier than office supplies–except books. They are my absolute favorite thing. I positively love them. Currently, I have six bookshelves in my office and another seven throughout the house. But I always need more shelves because I’m always buying more books!  Needless to say, I’m always interested in new shelving options. So when I saw the Nest bookshelf I was intrigued.

Nest Expandable Bookshelf

Designed by Japanese design firm Nendo, the Nest is an expandable bookshelf made of reinforced carbon fiber that allows your shelving to grow as your needs do. By simply pulling the sides you can expand the shelves from three to as many as nine.

Aside from being cleverly designed, I like the practicality of the system. While I do purchase a lot of books, there are brief times when I have more shelf space than books- which can really make any shelf and the room it’s in look lonely. I also have books that are odd heights and other objects on my shelves like globes, candles, and my pen collection, all of which call for some quirky configurations that the Nest looks like it could easily accommodate. It’d also be nice to squeeze one more shelf in my office. 🙂

The Nest was revealed last month at the London Design Festival and doesn’t currently appear to be for retail sale or available for viewing here in the States yet. But I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for any developments.



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