WhiteyBoard: When A Traditional Whiteboard Just Won’t Do

Unless you’ve been under a rock, then you know gone are the days of chalkboards and flip charts. These days, dry erase is where it’s at. Which is exactly what makes Whiteyboard so appealing.

The two-year old company specializes in “innovative and inexpensive alternatives to traditional whiteboards”, two of which include the Ghost Whiteyboard and Clear Dry Erase Paint.

Ghost Whiteyboard

The Ghost Whiteyboard

I’ve previously featured removable dry erase products, but what makes the Ghost Whiteyboard different, and why I like it,  is its transparency and size. Unlike other products I’ve seen in this niche, Whiteyboard offers a clear alternative to basic white and other colors, making it easier to blend into your workspace. It also makes windows and glass more viable workspaces too.

WhiteyBoard- Clear Dry Erase Paint

Whiteyboard Dry Erase Paint

I’m not too keen on writing on non-traditional spaces (i.e. walls, floors, etc). But Whiteyboard’s Clear Dry Erase Paint makes me want to grab a marker and let my inner child loose!

Whiteyboard’s dry erase paint allows you to transform any wall into a whiteboard. Making it perfect for arts and crafts, childrens’, and even work rooms. It’s also pretty cool that you can use it on any color wall, which means you won’t have to sacrifice or alter your room’s design and style to use it.


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