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Wacky, Crazy, Creative, and Downright Weird USB Drives- Pt I

I’m fond of USB drives. Maybe it’s because they’re so small and dainty, or maybe it’s because they are yet another office supply. Whatever the case, I like them, and from time to time when I’m not lusting over the latest pens, I’ll buy one just for the heck of it. Which is how I ended up doing this post. On a recent trip to the Anne McGilvray Showroom here in Dallas, I saw this unique  little USB:

No more running out of outlets

Which led me to delve into exploring the wacky world of USB drives. Here is Part I of the wide array that I discovered online and off:

Not ideal if you have a child around or an itchy scalp

A nice gift for the online shopaholic in your life

I love sushi, but it gives me a headache after eating it. Now I can still enjoy it.

This is one gross looking plate of food, but the shrimp drives are pretty creative

R2D2 is cute, but a little large for most desk areas

These lamp USB drives are uber cute and functional

A true thumb drive

These lego like drives are cute, but I’m certain I’d lose the tops eventually

Hot, mild, or a fire sauce USB? Now this is creative!

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