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Vintage Notebook Paper and Pencil Dispensers

Vintage Pencil and Pen Dispensers

Last week I visited my daughter’s school to attend her Awards Day Program, and I finally remembered to take a snapshot of these vintage pen and notebook paper dispensers located in the main hallway of the school. Each time I seem them it brings back such fond memories for me.

When I was in elementary school, waaayyy back in the day, we had machines just like these. Not like these fancy schmancy, high-priced vending machines you so often see now-a-days, filled with scan trons,  highlighters and the like. Nope, we had these simple old-school dispensers, and ours were located in the school cafeteria. Which is a little strange, now that I think about it. But I guess this was the optimal location if you remembered you needed a pen or some paper at breakfast, or your teacher threatened you not to come back to class after lunch with no paper and pencil in hand.

I remember purchasing many pencils- even when I didn’t need them, especially the scratch-n-sniff variety. It was just so fun to wait and see what pencil or notebook design designs would come rolling or shooting out. For some reason, I distinctly remember the camouflage  and smelly Valentine’s Day pencils, although there was usually a nice selection. But God-forbid you should get two pencils that were just alike or one you already had. Those would immediately face a certain death via ‘pencil break’ ( a two-person game in which you take turns striking each others pencils in an attempt to break them for no good reason, other than sheer boredom and a natural tendency to be destructive as a child!)

Back then, I believe you could get two pencils for 25 cents, and a medium-sized composition folder for 50 cents. I could be mistaken though- elementary school seems light years away now.Notebooks

Doing this post reminded me of these composition notebooks I picked-up at Target. They’re a lot fancier than the kind that I used to get back in elementary school.  But at just $1.50 each, I thought the hardback ones (in orange and green) were unique, while the soft back ones were sporty. And I picked up the folders, just because they matched. My sister has called dibs on the folders, while all the notebooks will likely be gifted to my daughter since all except one has wide-ruled paper-which I avoid like the plague!

Have you seen any products, office supplies or other items that brought back childhood memories lately? I’d love to hear about them!


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