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Snap N Store Storage Boxes- I Love These Things!

I love my office space. Having a dedicated space for my books, papers, computers, and other office supplies is a necessity that I haven’t always had, and I really look forward to waking up every morning and facing a new work day in my little place in the world.

On an average day, I spend anywhere from 9 to 12 hours in my office. And while I don’t necessarily recommend doing the same to others, I often eat and sleep there as well. Needless to say, it’s fairly comfortable ,but it does have its spatial limitations, which is why I’m always on the lookout for organizational products that can help me maximize my space and help keep me organized.

As a freelance writer who happens to have an addiction to pens, I require an exceptional amount of storage equipment. So, while on a recent trip to Wal-greens to have my printer ink refilled (is it true that they’ve raised their ink refill prices? *Gasps*) I was pleasantly surprised to discover a storage product that I’d never seen before. Although I frequent Walgreens regularly and make routine trips down the school supplies aisle upon every visit, I’d never paid much attention to more than the paper and pen products, but this time there were red tags everywhere. And you know there’s nothing better than red tags and clearance prices to make you step out of your normal shopping habits!

Some of the products that happen to have been on sale were IdeaStream’s Snap N Store Storage Boxes. Aside from the exceptional pricing, I was immediately taken in by the innovation of the design. The boxes are made of collapsible paperboard that easily snap into place with industrial strength metal buttons and feature a card holder on the front for easy labeling. I quickly snatched up two of the magazine holders, a small, and a medium box, which was everything that they had left. I also made quick work of finding out where I could purchase additional boxes and discovered them at my local Staples. You can also find them at a wide variety of brick and mortar office supplies stores and online resellers for very reasonable prices.Snap N Store Box Collection

These products are great for storing papers, DVDs, photos, and other light items that won’t require too much moving. I highly recommend them and believe that they add a nice touch to any office where space is limited and the desire for appealing storage is wanted.

Here’s my personal collection:

 mysnap n store boxes mysnapandstoremagazine

  • Snarky's Machine
    Posted at 01:53h, 30 October

    I love these boxes. I have them for my index cards.

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