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Sharpie Gel Highlighters- Finally a Highlighter That Doesn’t Bleed!

We’ve all experienced it, you highlight text in a book, magazine, or document, only to watch as the ink smears and ruins the text right before your very eyes. Or you  flip the page and find that the other side is now unreadable because the ink has bleed through. How frustrating! Especially when you need to present this information to someone else or make a copy.

Incidents like these are exactly why the new Sharpie Gel Highlighters are a Godsend for me. As someone who reads extensively and takes piles of notes for business and pleasure, finding a highlighter that doesn’t bleed has been impossible- until I found the Sharpie Gel Highlighters.

I lean more towards rich and vibrant inks in all of my writing instruments. And my highlighters are no exception (canary yellow is my personal favorite). I also frequently incorporate multiple colors when highlighting, so both of these preferences combined can make for a really bad experience when used on thin and glossy pages.

So when I picked up the 3-pack of Sharpie Gel Highlighters in assorted colors  (much to the chagrin on my sister, who repeated her normal adage of “you don’t need those“) I was interested to see just how they would perform. And needless to say, I was pleased with their performance.

Sharpie Gel Highlighter

I love how smoothly the Sharpie Gel Highlighters glide across the page (although lining up the tip to make a straight line has taken some getting used to). I also like being able to press hard and not having to worry about the ink seeping through the page or damaging the tip  (I am admittedly heavy-handed). The gel stick is a nice length, and I also no longer have to worry about the top falling off and the ink drying out, or the tip getting all dirty from ink contamination. With the gel stick, everything  just glides right off.

I also like being able to shape the tip to just the right angle for whatever I’m highlighting. So if I need a broad mark, I just press down flatly, or if I need a thin line I just angle the tip. I can also highlight according to emphasis with the new gel ink. For a very important note or detail, I go over the area twice for a  darker highlight, and for less important information, once is enough.

While this highlighter holds up better than most when it comes to smearing, it’s still an issue. However, I’m a realist when it comes to the whole smear issue and I’m not holding my breath on the invention of a highlighter that can fully overcome the power of  smudging ink, especially gel ink. It’s just not very realistic to me. But when it comes to dry ink on a variety of papers, this is by far the best highlighter I’ve found so far, and all in all, I really like them.  These are definitely a new staple in my collection. And guess who I recently gifted a pack to….that’s right…my sister! LOL! She loves them too!

Have you tried the new gel  highlighters? Did you enjoy them? How do you use them? Let me know!



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