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The Noteboard Foldable Pocket Whiteboard

I’m no doubt a fan of neat, clever, cute (all those adjectives that scream you know you don’t really need this, but you’re going to waste your money on it anyway) office supplies, and I’m always on the lookout for more– I mean, I am a junkie after all. But when I see the Noteboard Foldable Pocket Whiteboard I instantly think, this is so geeky.  I mean, true enough I use notecards from time to time- I even purchased some neon ones a couple of weeks ago. But to have a laminated, foldable set seems a little Doogie Howserish to me.

Noteboard Foldable Pocket Whiteboard

However, I must admit, the Noteboard system does cleverly solve two of the issues I run into the most with notecards: How to keep them all together and deciding between lined or the gridded version. The Noteboard is designed in a 7×5 laminated calendar grid which keeps all the cards together. And it features a blank and gridded side. It also comes in a convenient pouch and features a dry-erase marker with an eraser top. And according to the manufacturer, if the marker it comes with doesn’t suit your fancy, the system can be used with any dry erase marker.

Pros: It’s under $20; Features a blank and gridded side; Can be used with a variety of dry erase pens; Has its own pouch

Cons: Text would most likely rub off once folded, I would think; Can’t use both sides at once; Large space gaps between each card would drive me batty; Not very space-friendly; Might be more of a conversation piece than I’d prefer

But regardless of what I think of the Noteboard Foldable Pocket Whiteboard, someone obviously likes it because it’s currently sold out online. However, if you’d like to be notified when more are in stock or to get additional information, you can read more about it on




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