kikkerland paint tubes

Kikkerland Paint Tube Pens

kikkerland paint tube pens

It’s been a while since the dollar bins at Target have lured me in. These days I normally let my daughter run wild with excitement (and my spare change) while I wait- rather impatiently- to peruse the books or music section.

But this weekend I was pleasantly surprised when I found these uber cute Kikkerland Paint Tube Pens. Initially, I picked up a black one that someone had thrown in the wrong bin, thinking it was a mini paint tube. But something about it screamed there’s more to me than meets the eye, and sure enough there was. It wasn’t a paint tube at all, but a pen! I then looked a little more and found it in red, green, and blue. Yay for me! I quickly snatched up one in every color and hightailed it to the books. 🙂

Of course, I only paid a $1 each for these, but online they retail for around $2 each, which isn’t too bad when you consider they’re novelty items.

kikkerland paint tube pens

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