Istick Multifunction Desktop Organizer

If you’re like me then you have much more stuff than space when it comes to your desk, which can be an absolutely maddening struggle at times– especially when you’re busy. Between computers, peripheral devices, papers, pens/pencils, phones, and even cups, the need for more desk space is a daily battle! So when I saw the istick multifunction desktop organizer, I thought it might offer a pretty cool solution. Available in both black and white, the istick organizer offers a nice compact way to openly store everything from your cell phone to coffee cup.

istick organizer features

Features I Really Like: Raised platform, paper holder, memory card reader and multiple usb hubs (which is especially pleasing to me since I use a mac as my primary computer at work, and all of the hubs and card reader are on the back 🙁 )

Price: Available online between $35.99-$39.99




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