The Expo Neon Dry Erase Board

I’ve been anxious to try out the new Expo Neon Dry Erase Board. So when I caught the Combo Pack on sale for $2.95 at Best Buy, (Best Buy really does have some great office supply sales!) I of course quickly grabbed it up and ran swiftly to the register, with fingers crossed, hoping that it hadn’t been priced incorrectly. Sure enough, $2.95 was the price, and off I went with my shiny, new black dry erase board to experiment with.

While I certainly didn’t need a new dry erase board, I really wanted this one. The black board reminds me of fancy bistros and the produce signs at open air markets. Yeah, yeah, I know…ridiculous. But I wanted it!

While the markers don’t give quite the writing experience I hoped for (the ink flow is inconsistent), overall I like the board more for fun than everyday use.

neon expo markers


I also wish the Combo Pack came with blue, orange, and perhaps blue instead of neon markers. I guess I’ll just have to pick up the assorted five-pack of markers. On the plus side, the board is easy to wipe off and really does have a bold appearance that’s easy to spot from afar.  Overall, it’s a fun focal point  for a child’s room, classroom, or office.



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