Hand Stitched Wallets by Infusion

In general, I typically don’t buy very much for myself for Christmas–especially in terms of office supplies. To be honest, it’s not because I’m selfless, but more so because shopping tends to overwhelm me at times, so I reserve all my shopping energy for my daughter, and then everyone else. 🙂 But this year I actually decided to pick-up a few things that tickled my fancy throughout the year (and were non-overwhelming to obtain, thanks to the Internet), and one of those items is this beautiful hand stitched leather buckle wallet in antique tan from Infusion.

I first ran across it while curating my Flipboard magazine (follow the OfficeSuppliesJunkie Flipboard page if you haven’t already), and instantly flipped it and read the details on it. Abbey Meadows is the designer behind Infusion, the company which makes the wallet, and each is designed and handmade by her, in her home studio in Oregon. In addition to wallets, she also makes clutches, pencil pouches, and bags. You can check out her entire Etsy store here. While I like everything she makes, the wallets are my favorites. I really wanted to order this nude one too, but I’m afraid between my make-up and pen-filled purse, the leather wouldn’t last a month before it was marred. 🙁


Here is another view of  the antique tan buckle wallet:

handstitched walletII

And a nice pic of the wallet in nude and velvet brown:


All orders are scheduled to ship in approximately two weeks, and as soon as I receive mine I’ll be sure to post an update with pictures for you! Have you made any office supply purchases for Christmas? If so, let me know! I’d love to hear from you!

all photos by Abbey Meadows



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