Eco Speakers: Help Protect The Environment and Rock Out In Style

Are you looking for speakers that are fashionable, affordable, easy to assemble and transport, and will work with your ipod or mp3 players? If so, Eco Speakers by Merkury Innovations may be right up your alley!

With Eco Speakers you can help protect the environment and rock out in style. Made from recycled cardboard and requiring no batteries, these speakers are great for areas where space is limited, like dorm rooms, office desks, and even picnics or camping trips. But in exchange (according to some reviews), you’ll be giving up at least some audio quality and battery life from your ipod or mp3 player, which considering its price and novelty, I’d say is to be expected.

Would you give Eco Speakers a try? Have you already tried them? Let me know what you thought of them!


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