DryErase WallPops! Are Pretty Neat

To be honest, I have a million and one places to jot notes. A  cell phone, laptop, desktop, a Franklin Covey planner, a DayRunner, journals, notepads, spirals, and the list just goes on and on… and then on some more.  But no matter how many journals, notebooks, and the like that I buy- I just never seem to stick with one method. Not-to-mention that when I’m working at my desk,  I have to admit that my notepads and notebooks often tend to come up missing in action, defeating the purpose of writing things down so I don’t forget them!

Consequently, one of my New Year’s Resolutions is to get more organized and to streamline my daily planning (I’m proud to say that I am actively doing this on a daily basis now), and one of the helpful tools that I’ve discovered to help me clean-up my act are WallPops! Dry-Erase Dots.  WallPops! are a full line of residential/commercial wallcoverings and decorative accessories that come in a wide assortment of designs and styles.

When you visit their site, you’ll see that you can decorate everything from your walls to your windows with Disney characters, stained glass, Fatheads, and other neat WallPops! designs. And what’s even more cool about them is that they’re peel & stick, removable, and the dry erase calendars and boards are of course, erasable. So if you want to move  or rearrange them you don’t have to worry about ruining your paint job, or the WallPop! losing its adhesion.  I’ve moved mine twice now, and it still adheres like brand-new. However, there was very slight paint removal the second time. Probably because I placed it in the same location both times,  and my wall is textured. Fortunately, my wall is also white, so the marks are unnoticeable.

I use my Dots to make quick notes on things I need to do while at my desk. It works well for me here because I don’t have to wonder where my notepad is. I can simply reach up and write on the wall if I’m on call, or need to make myself a quick reminder. And it leaves me my desperately  needed desk space for other things like papers and books. It also keeps me from wasting paper. Few notes on my desk last longer than a week. At that time, I’ve usually completed the task (or written it off) and just chuck the paper, which is so not environmentally friendly. With my WallPop! I can just wipe and write again, which brings me to my final point.

Dry Erase WallPop!

The only complaint I have about the WallPops! Dry Erase Dots is the same one I have for all dry erase products. Once the ink has been dry for a time, it’s impossible to remove the ink with the included pen/eraser combo. You’ll need water, or some glass cleaner derivative (in my case, lens cleanser) in order to wipe the surface completely clean. But it does wipe completely clean, which is better than some other similar products I’ve tried before. All in all, I like my Dry Erase Dots. I purchased mine at Office Depot for only $5, but they retail at right around $15 on their site, with the designer styles and brands costing  up to $99+.





  • Steve Young
    Posted at 12:44h, 10 January

    Thanks for the input. We have a material we use for window displays, it can be repositioned about 20 times or so on a window. We also use it to put “stickers” on trade show displays.

    I think I am going to try a test display, Print something like a Calendar bond it to whiteboard material and the backer and see how it works. We will be sure to test it with painted walls too.

    Could make a great custom product. We will test it with dry erase and our Zig Posterman Markers that we also sell.

    Thanks again for the product idea!

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