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You’re Never Too Old To Carry A Pencil Bag

If you ask me, you can never get too old to carry a pencil bag (or pouches, as they are now called). Not only are they great for keeping your purse, bag or desk organized, but they allow you to keep all of your favorite pens and pencils with you wherever you go. They’re also great  for pen addicts like me, who can never decide on just one pen, pencil or highlighter.

As a matter-of-fact, I carry a rather nice patent leather one myself (see below).

I got it from Wal-Mart just because it was pretty, shiny and has computer lingo all over it! And it’s functional. In it I keep all my pens, highlighters, and pencils that I love (at the moment) and just can’t live or leave without. If I lost it I’m almost certain I’d shed a tear or two.

But just like a good pen (and purse), a girl can never have too many pencil bags, right? So, I’ve been on the prowl recently to find some new ones that are cute, washable (if possible), durable, lightweight, and just the right size to fit in my already overloaded purse. Here are a few that I gave rave reviews:

Coco Walk

Ocean Drive


These three beauties come from the Lapin Vilardi collection, and I think they are perfect for your dressier days and purses. Price: $12 (the Coco Walk is currently on sale for $8!)

Barcelona Travel Bag

Barcelona Mini Bag

These See Jane Work pencil bags are bright, durable and functional. All of which makes them a winner to me! Price: $6.00-$9.00

Kokuyo Capara Mega Pencil Case

At only $13.50, The Kokuyo Capara Mega Pencil Case is a great deal. I love the color, handles and size. But obviously this isn’t fitting into any purse. However, I think it’s a great back-to-school item or desk accessory.

Sage Tiny Pouch

Lavender Ruffle on Grape Pouch

I love hand made office products and  these two pencil pouches from Milk and Honey Handbags are adorable and affordable at only $12.

What are your favorite memories of your past and present pencil bags and pouches? I’d love to see and hear about them.

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