boarding school bindery and woodcraft

Boarding School Bindery & Woodcraft

I recently ran across Boarding School Bindery & Woodcraft while perusing my Flipboard account. When the journal featured above appeared in my feed, everything from the wood cover, long stitching, thickness and even the tag piqued my interest. And I instantly knew that I not only had to learn more about the journal but the company behind this handcrafted goodness!

After a little research, I learned that Boarding School is a newly launched, family-owned business, operated by brother and sister team, Erik and Ashley Flanagan. Each journal is made from reclaimed and recycled wood from Maine that’s selected by Erik, and then bound by hand in Seattle by Ashley. In addition to a passion for binding books, Ashley also has a love for vintage papers and topographic maps, and includes some in each journal’s end sheets. The journals are made from a variety of woods including cedar, maple and walnut. And each is finished with natural tung oil and custom letter stamped. Custom orders are also accepted.

Boarding School Bindery & Woodcraft

For the writer or artist in your life, I can’t think of a nicer more personalized (not-to-mention sustainable) gift.

To view Boarding School Bindery & Woodcraft’s entire collection, please visit their Etsy page.

Credit: All  photographs are the property of Boarding School Bindery and Woodcraft (c) 2013
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